Friday, July 29, 2005

I heart huckabees

Just a quick post before heading to work. Last night we watched I heart huckabees for the first time. It's quite amusing, even if you're not sure where it's leading half the time. Unfortunately it is one of those movies that you can't describe for people. However, it's very much worth watching lol I'll have to watch it again, but I think the most interesting part for me was towards the end when the main character sees that the two versions of existentialists are both wrong and right. one is too far to the happy side, the other is too far to the pain side. Put them together though, and you have a pretty darn good system! Lol, sounds like so many parts of our society today, separate they are wrong, but together they're pretty close.

Tonight we have What the bleep do we know to watch, and Lemony Snicket at some point this weekend. Oh, and we're finally working on Legend of Zelda 4 swords together. We've played it a few times, but never all the way through. Since I still have a month before school starts, now is the time. Lol, it's quite fun with two people because you end up hitting each other accidentally and stuff. Plus it's something we can do together, which is nice since otherwise I sit on the computer and she watches tv or plays games, and we say a few words every once and a while. This is my fault primarily, by the way. Someday I'll learn. But in the meantime, video games are fun! :-)


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