Sunday, July 24, 2005

my theory on sids

Carrie and I were discussing how bizarre it is that some kids around 4-6 months just stop breathing for no medical reason. Some of them come back and have no other problems, and some never come back. That got me wondering why that is. A theory came to me, though I'll admit it's just something I thought up that happens to make sense to me.

Souls enter our bodies, who knows when, but at some point, souls enter the body, to experience something besides divine unity. While souls do this willingly, it isn't an easy transition to go from complete freedom in creation to limits. Souls often leave the body for periods of time, during our sleep, which is why babies sleep so much. But what if a soul forgets why it came into a body to begin with and decides to really check out, completely separating from the body? The baby in essence dies, and for no medical reason. One reunited with the divine, the soul understands where it was, and what it chose. At this point it has a choice. Does it remain where it is, leaving the body dead, or does it return, to live a full life in body?

There is also the added element of the souls involved, particularly the parents. There are times when souls only come to this earth for a short time so the parents can experience something. I'm not going into this, because it's beyond my understanding, but I just felt it needed to be added into the theory.

Now I may be completely wrong. If so, that's fine. In any case it's an interesting theory to me, and it makes sense according to my belief structure. Also, the idea came out of thin air, which is usually a good sign. It will be interesting to see if I ever know the actual answer to this.


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