Thursday, November 24, 2005


Carrie cooked our first, all alone, full Thanksgiving feast! It was excellent! We had so much food, I'm just now beginning to be a little hungry, and we ate around 4 lol. The turkey was perfect, plus we had real mashed potatoes, real gravy from the bird, green beans seasoned with smoked sausage, and real made from scratch dressing. Plus some corn because it's a rule, and my favorite jellied cranberry sauce (ocean spray only!) Hehe, it was nice. We both ate a bunch, and then felt quite sleepy. But I opted for a little drum time, since I haven't played in weeks and missed it. Unfortunately my endurance is crap, so I only played a few songs before my brother called and I quit for the evening. I'll definately have to make time more often.

I hope everyone had a good Turkey day. I already decorated the tree, and it looks so nice! And the blue icicle lights are up on our balcony. I feel much better now :-) I can't wait to see what Carrie does with the Christmas village hehe, it's a suprise. I still want a mini tree for all of our mini ornaments and a tree skirt. Usually I put the mini's on the tree, but this year the tree is already full since it's tucked into a corner. See, in our family our parents gave me and my brother hallmark ornaments every year as we were older. I also have ornaments from my babysitter when I was really little. So there are a few groups on the tree. The stuff from my childhood, including my first christmas, painted ceramics from my babysitter (which I absolutely adore!) and the halmarks that just say daughter and the year. Then there are the star wars ones, which are fun. Then the Harry Potter section, and finally the space section. I like it, though very few ornaments are Carrie's. But, mom and dad keep getting us little personalized ones so we have matching snowmen and such, and she has her own colts ornament, which goes right next to my packers ornament. hehe :-) I love Christmas, and just because of the family stuff, not gifts. It's just nice. :-)


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