Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy Birthday Marines!

To all Marines former and present, happy birthday! I can't believe the date slipped my mind until now. Just too much stuff going on regarding November 11th, just overshadowed the 10th. To those who are confused, the officially recognized birthdate of the Marine Corps is 10 November 1775. So today is a time for dress blues and balls, cake and dancing. And more than a little drinking I'm sure lol

My only ball was during A school in Pensacola. It's such a wierd atmosphere because people are dressed up, and it's formal, but still a party. And for so many, their first real formal occasion. And seeing 1st Sgt dance is always a bit unnerving lol

One interesting tradition is the cake ceremony. The first piece of cake goes to the oldest Marine present, and the second to the youngest. I wonder who has to go through the records to figure that out lol.

Anyway...happy birthday Marines. Oorah!


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