Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm going to vent

For all of you who don't give a damn enough to stop people from writing hate into the consitution - a big fuck you. Fuck you and your selfishness, for not giving a damn about the families that are being attacked for no reason. Forget the fact that the lame laws in texas and most places in this backwards country already define marriage as between a man and a woman. Let's just go one step farther and make to constitution about denying rights to people. So fuck you. Fuck you all who lie to yourself to think this has anything to do with anything besides vindictiveness. I'm damn fucking proud to not be from Texas. So fuck you, I'm from Wisconsin, where we have the idiots, but we balance them out with people who give a damn. We give partners the right to see their loved ones in the hospital. Basic fucking rights. Fuck Texas. Fuck you and your god damned self righteousness. I can't wait till this all backfires on your blind asses.

I also can't wait to see what happens when people push the issue that you just nullified common law marriage - that's right, what happens when 2 straight people live together for more than 7 years. OH, but I guess they should just get married right? Just force them into it, I mean, it's your right to tell everyone what to do anyway right? And just since I haven't said it in 3 sentences...fuck you.

I know that I shouldn't feel this, but I feel like I need to get a little angry about it for a little while. Obviously I was a stupid niave person to think that maybe we had moved far enough forward that stupid hicks wouldn't win this battle, but I was wrong. God forbid I have more faith in humanity than I should. I'm so glad that we are the most backward fucking advanced country in the world. And I really can't fucking wait until I'm done with grad school. NOTHING will keep me in this state. And I'm not sure if anything will keep me in this country. I think a few years in Vancouver could do us both some good.



Anonymous cluttergirl said...

That venting seems totally justified to me. Totally insane backwards heartless smallminded vindictive people. I am so sorry for you, for everyone this is going to affect, so sorry for the US and sorry for the world, that nasty, meanspirited backwards laws are still being promoted and supported. I totally support your venting. It's nothing next to how every individual denied rights to visit their loved one in the hospital, take over the lease on the house, lose parental visitation etc will feel and enunciate.

anyways, hi. I am cluttergirl. Here from from0to5, wondering what your bad day was about since you mentioned it in the comment there.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous cluttergirl said...

I'm really confused why you have both blogger comments and haloscan comments. It kind of breaks up where the comments are so we cannot read eachothers, and also confusing where we should comment. Is there a reason?

10:44 PM  
Blogger Jaxson said...

Cause I'm not the smartest. :-) I liked the trackback feature, and didn't realize it would add another comment place. And now I don't want to take it off and lose the comments. But I'll probably do it anyway at some point, because I don't get notification from the haloscan comments.

10:54 PM  
Blogger Jaxson said...

Oh, and nice to meet you :-)

10:55 PM  

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