Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Argh, tomorrow is my classical mechanics mid term. Thankfully I have until 7 pm to study. However, I've worked out so many of my confusions I'm starting to feel better about this grad school thing and this class. But I'm still working out things I should have known before I got here. Oh well. At least some of this math stuff is finally sinking in. So tomorrow, I'm just going to keep practicing, and we'll see what sticks tomorrow evening :-)

Wish me luck!


Blogger Lionmom said...

How did the midterm go?

A master's in physics? Are you crazy?!

6:16 AM  
Blogger Jaxson said...

As always there was stuff I didn't study enough, and stuff I had little clue about, and some I could do. So, we'll see when I get it back.

And it's not a masters. A masters in physics is pointless unless you're a teacher basically, and usually means you bailed on the phd program lol. So it's another 4 years to a phd.

and no more crazy than 4 kids!
:-P hehehe

9:36 AM  

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