Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pieces of dreams

Geraldine told me to keep track of my dreams, so I guess I should try. :-) The problem is these dreams have been so piecemeal, I can't remember much. I guess I'll just write the pieces, in order if I can, and maybe something will make sense eventually.

Two nights ago
One part - Carrie and I are at her Mom and Lenny's house, but it doesn't look like their house. It's around Christmas, and we're getting gifts. I remember they gave me the wierdest gifts. I got like 20 a piece of those silicone bracelets, some orange ones that say ut on them, and some black ones that say uwrf on them. I thought that was cool, though I didn't know what to do with so many of them! Then I noticed other things, like small trinkets, miniature cherios box (like an inch), stuff like that. Which is all cute. So then later on, there's another thing they show me, and there are small earrings and stuff, all with various jewels and stuff. But I don't wear earrings, so I'm confused. But there's one that's neat, it's a piece of amethyst, also about an inch long, but not real wide. It seems like that was a necklace, otherwise that would be too heavy for an ear! It was also odd shaped. It's more like my aragonite in shape, but the color of amethyst. Can amethyst look kinda like that? I don't really remember anything else, on to the next part.

I'm driving with my parents, in what's supposed to be austin, and we're driving up the parking garage at the stadium. I guess we're going to a football game. I don't recall going to the game though. At one point I'm looking for food, but nothing is like modern day stadiums. Everything is under the concrete bleachers, and dark. There's one place that's like a restaurant though. They're out of something that someone wants, I don't think I even get anything because it's not my kind of food. This was more southern soul food, aka lots of fat on meat and stuff.

Then I'm walking with my mom in the wierd place that is this under the bleachers area. I tell her I'm going just over here, where I see people I know or want to know or something. I get over there and in my mind I see it as Ellis, but she looked like Alix Olson more. So yeah, and bit wierd. But I talk to her, try to nail down the date she's going to perform in Austin. First it's November 13 or 15, then back to the 27th or something...I wish I could remember the dates. At one point someone offers me a beer, but it's a wierd beer. I remember it saying it was a white ale or something, but it has caffeine in it. I decide to try it, and it didn't taste like beer, or's just bizarre. I mean, completely. I drank it, pretty fast though, so I got a bit of a buzz. It's wierd to have a buzz in a dream lol

So with a buzz I go looking for my family, who has disappeared. I think we make phone calls back and forth. I don't know. Oh well. I'll just move on to last night's dream.

Last night
The first stuff I remember is that I'm going somewhere to meet Ash at a show.I end up at this crazy looking building, which at times seems like the MCC in austin, an elongated dome structure. I see her first performing in a smaller room, and she also looks different. She's in a sparkly dress I think, which is a bit odd. Lol I just watch from the distance, and she doesn't see me. There's a guy there, seems to be a manager or something, and I hang by him most of the time. Time passes, and now she's in the big room, and she starts singing a song, so I decide to run up to the stage, and lie down right down in front of the stage. She's singing "Someone to Watch Over Me". After she's done we hug for a long time, she says something about her friends embarassing her, but not in a bad way really. Then other people steal her attention ( and I just chill and wait. So that was all a bit wierd.

Next piece, I'm with either Carrie or my brother, but I think Carrie, and we're scaling this wooden building, which at first seems like a garage. But we get up one level and there's already another, and another. Carrie just flies up, but I start having trouble and have her give me a hand at times. I finally quit after making it up 2 or 3 levels, and there are still more. Apparently we're going to try to steal a car that someone isn't taking care of. So she's up another level, and I go to the buildings. It's like an apartment complex then, with a big open court surrounded by a fence. I try to be nonchelant, but it doesn't work. Security confronts me and I just behave myself so I can leave. I find carrie and we leave, because this is an impossible task. I remember wondering why she didn't know this place was so busy.

Then things really switch. Carrie and I are in the military, or something military related. A lot happens, but I can't remember it. At some point we get on a bus. I can't sit with carrie, so head to the front of the bus, but those are full too. There is an opening, but someone is on crutches so I give the seat to her. Then a guy calls me over and I can sit in their row. He asks if I want to listen to heavy metal. Lol, he was clearly someone I was sort of friends with. So we start driving, and my viewing perspective changes, because I was sitting on the left of the bus, but could see out the right side windows.

I see ahead of us, in the sky a very wierd weapon being tested. Imagine a very large rocket, with smaller rockets mounted around the outside. The large rocket gets it in the air, but then it hovered, and the little rockets were launched. Then the large rocket falls and hit a building. There was a lot of haze left from this, and I remember thinking that it was really bad for the environment. Then the climate changes too, as we move, and we're around snow, and there's still a large body of water to our right. I remember seeing penguins, which was wierd. We end up at a facility, I'm guessing military. I follow a higher ranking person, but he goes with someone else to a different area, looks like it's to a helicoptor. Carrie and I enter the elevator. It's very different looking, with flat buttons. it's like those completely flat electronic stoves, where everything is flat, and you can only tell a button when you push on it. but it's all metal, not plastic. Everything screams futuristic. The door shuts, and I give carrie a fast but passionate kiss, before the doors open again. I don't want to be caught. We get up there, and everyone is leaving. I ask where we're supposed to be, and the nurse sends us back down because she's going to a meeting. I think we're all there for a medical screening, and then we would go onto someplace else. At this point though, I'm waking up from my alarm.

In general, all of these places in my dreams were unknown to me. I always wonder about that, when locations that I've never seen are in my dreams. But it certainly is interesting...which is why I don't get out of bed half the time! Maybe if I get up and immediately write my dreams down it will help me get out of bed consistenly. Hmm...


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