Sunday, August 28, 2005


Holy week of shopping! That's what happens when financial aid hits. So this has been our past week:
Fixed the car - $440
Bought a couch - $500
We also bought numerous small things to make our house feel more homey. We've been out and about every single day, and it's a bit exhausting. Today we drove to San Marcos and hit the outlet malls for clothes and shoes. Now I have a cordless drill that actually works and has some power! And we have pretty new shoes and clothes. Yay!

I never realized how exhausting it is to be out and about every day. Our house needs some serious cleaning and straightening. And I really need to do some work before the boss returns next week. Unfortunately school starts on wednesday, so I need to get in gear. Good think I don't have class until thursday!

All of this running has messed up my moods. I've lacked motivation and slipped back into blahness. However, I think I'm coming out of it again, probably the pressure of knowing I'm out of time to slack off! hahaha

in any case, that's been the past week. Busy, confusing, draining, but at least it's over.


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