Saturday, August 20, 2005

late night basketball

There's something about watching great basketball that makes me want to play basketball. We're literally watching basketball games every day there is one thanks to webcasts and nba tv. So tonight, I'm sitting around, wanting to do something, but really not wanting to ride the bike. I finally just say screw it, if I want to play basketball, I can play basketball. Thankfully we have one of the infusion balls, so even though it was flat I could pump it up in a few minutes. Then I headed out to our crappy little hoop. The rim's bent down from those people who think dunking is just the greatest thing on the planet, but it's not that bad. I was quite suprised to see my shot wasn't horrible, especially considering I haven't played in more than a year. Carrie came out to play with me, even though her ankle is pretty messed up lately. We had fun, and she helped me with my shot. I needed to widen my stance and get my arm motion better coordinated with my body. The last thing was running lay ups. At the end carrie just stood in front of the goal so I could get used to having a person in front of me. It was really fun, in spite of my lack of fitness. I'm now very very sweaty, but quite happy :-)

I attribute my half assed shot ability to all the basketball I watch. The mind takes in what it sees, and tries to make the body do the same. Since I'm not really thinking about what my body is doing, I think it's trying to recreate what it's been seeing. It's the same idea as running techniques through your mind when you can't practice, your body still improves.

Tonight I thought back to my childhood and sports. I didn't really watch sports, well, besides football and tennis. They didn't show many basketball games on tv, so I don't know that I watched enough. Also, I grew up in the middle of nowhere. I do mean that literally. So while city kids had other kids to play against, I had, well, me and my family. Plus, all my friends were pretty sports inept. We preferred football to other sports. At school I played football, at the babysitters it was football, at family functions it was usually football. So my entire grade school sports career was on raw talent only. I wonder what would have happened had I grown up in a situation where everyone played basketball. Granted, at some point my height would have been a big issue, but I could have been better at least. However, there's nothing stopping me from improving now, right? So that's what I do. I may have horrible independent practice habits, but, when I practice, I make it count. It's how I got my black belt as a kid, it's how I was a state musician, it's how I get anywhere.

Basketball is good for the soul :-)


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