Monday, August 08, 2005

late night talks break blocks

Last night was fun! Carrie and I went to bed around 1am. This is still really early, considering we'd stayed up till 4 or 5 the past few days. At first we were just lying there, listening to Melissa Etheridge Your Little Secret, which I haven't done in forever! It was great, remembering how I used to listen to that cd so intently in college, trying to understand what my life was supposed to be like. We mostly sat quietly in the dark. I was lying with my eyes closed for quite a while. My eyesight is so poor it doesn't do much good to open my eyes anyway. But when I did open them, my vision was odd. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see, or maybe sense, motion. But I couldn't really see it. Also, twice I saw a shadow move over my head, again towards the edge of my vision. I thought it was carrie's arm, but she hadn't moved. We started to talk about it, she mentioned there was a lot of energy in the room. Quite a few bright light creatures and such. Perhaps they liked the music, because they were more active than usual apparently. I couldn't see them, perhaps because they're so small my eyes can't resolve them with my poor eyesight. I was also focusing on the constant sense of motion coming from carrie's body. My theory is that since I was lying in her aura, that's what I was sensing, the constant motion of the aura. It was quite interesting.

We've also had fun playing with energy. I've learned that i can still feel her, even when she isn't touching me. It's the old "I'm not touching you" routine, but even with my eyes closed I know she's doing it. It feels like someone just lightly touches the arm hairs, tickling me. I did the same to her last night, but a few inches away from her arm. It was funny, because you would swear someone physically touched you! It's quite interesting.

After all this, we just had a blast being silly and laughing. At one point we had been talking about writing, other thoughts on our minds, struggles, when I got the urge to write. I'd been so blocked lately, but really had things I wanted to get out. After a few false starts I was able to write pages of poetry/journaling stuff. It was funny, because as I wrote, carrie felt like writing too. So at 2:30 in the morning we turned the light on and both wrote a bunch. Very artistic :-)

Last night was really nice, allowed us to reconnect on an interactive friend level, which doesn't happen enough. We'll have to make an effort for more quiet time together. It was really nice. :-)


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