Monday, May 02, 2005

Disappearing Mythologies - 1 November 2004

Disappearing Mythologies

We're taught as children
the stories of the gods
of zues and athena
hercules and medusa
the myths of greece
those of native americans
or africans, egyptians
and Romans
Were told the myths of
paul bunyan, abe the ox
george washington and
the cherry tree
all of these stories
now merely entertainment
but once serving to explain
the world around us.

We're told they're just stories
myths that are not true.
We look back on these myths
and the people who believed them
as foolish, ignorant, primitive.
How ironic that we live
in cultural myths just as foolish
with vengeful gods and devils
fighting over our souls in the classic
good versus evil war

We fail to see any contradictions
between our "beliefs" and our
We fail to see the similarities
between our "truths" and the
myths we claim as false.
This defines us as primitive.

A primitive culture
believes they are
and everyone else is
But in the midst of all this
evolution occurs
moving individuals out of the

With evolution comes change
and the disappearance of
or rather,
the disappearance of
and the appearance of
for it is the highly evolved that
the truth for what it is -
and as the myth is discovered
it can be destroyed
or maintained as what it is -
taught to children so they may know
who we were
so we may never return
to that primitive state again
as this society


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