Friday, April 22, 2005

Good News!

Well, it seems I've had two pieces of good news today, thankfully! First, regarding my previous post, what Mr. Rodriguez has told me cheers me up and gives me hope. If there is enough sanity left in the legistlature, then this bill will not include the hateful anti-gay amendment. At this moment, protests are about to begin on the state capitol. I would be there if I didn't have class at 2. However I am with them in spirit and sending my energy their way. I believe we will be successful in this matter. I overhear people discussing this issue, not just queers, but other people without a vested personal interest. For instance in the union the three cashiers were discussing the topic, all of them apalled at the thought of taking kids out of good homes just because of an individuals sexuality. What also confused them was the amendment's sponsor saying that homosexuality was a learned behavior. How can it be learned? Almost every single gay person on the planet came from straight parents! I personally have straight parents, and never knew someone gay personally until I was in high school. I certainly never talked to anyone about sexuality, it really wasn't on my radar screen very often. And I came of age before I could watch openly gay characters on tv, not like today. So where did I learn it from? His comment was so off base I'm not even sure where it came from. But anyway, back to good news.

I had my meeting with Dr. Bengtson this morning. When I arrived there was another individual from the collaboration in there, Boris. Shortly after my arrival the phone rang. It was a woman telling them they got a $2 million grant! Boris said I was the reason they got it, that if I hadn't walked in the door she wouldn't have called! Lol, I thought that was amusing. With the new grant, Dr. Bengtson believes he'll have something for me to do for the summer, which wouldn't have been possible before that grant! This is a wonderful example of things lining up just right. For instance, if he hadn't been sick yesterday and delayed our meeting until today, he wouldn't have the grant yet. If I hadn't overslept and skipped my lab meeting I could have showed up too early to know about the grant. Hell, if I'd have talked to him at any point earlier in the semester this would have turned out differently. I'm very glad I paid attention to my gut and followed my instinct. Things are going to turn out just fine.

As a side note, I wonder how everything would have turned out differently had I not found the Jedi path 4 years ago? Would I have completely pushed the wrong issues, and destroyed the path I'm on now? Or would I have found myself here anyway? Lol, I guess it doesn't matter, but I'm sure thankful I'm on the path I am. Life is much more enjoyable when you walk with your path rather than against it.


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