Sunday, April 17, 2005

formerlyROSIE: sneakers

formerlyROSIE: sneakers

Everyone should read this's a great example of what I just discussed, how we choose who we are in each moment. I read rosie because I'm fascinated with who she chooses to be each day. I mean, we always hear about the bad decisions rosie has made, but that's clearly not all of her. Of course, niether is all of this, but it's interesting to me to see someone else put in these situations that I can see myself in also. No, I'm not in the position to hand a child a $100 bill, but we all end up in situations where we can choose to help, and get involved, connect with someone, or we can walk away, pretending nothing happened.

The important thing to remember is that even when you choose something, you are not bound by that choice beyond that situation. Every day you start fresh, free to make any decisions you wish. If you make a decision you aren't proud of, don't dwell on it, just choose differently next time. Ha, I make it sound easily, don't I! But I think we're taught we can't change who we are, and that's a terrible fallacy. We can change as soon as we decide to. Just remember that you are choosing...


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