Friday, May 06, 2005

redefining the Qu clux clan

Yes, I know that is horribly misspelled, but I'm hoping that will keep google from triggering on a search. Anyway, tonight I watched a documentary on trio that attempted to show the "new clan" that doesn't use the N word (no relation to the L word) or hates blacks and minorities. They just want to preserve their heritage and love their children (unless of course their children are gay). They simply want to promote a white, christian, straight country. Funny huh? They work so hard at this new public image, and yet a few protestors at a rally (if you can call it that) can rile the leader enough to blame the degradation of society on "faggot slime" Hmm...and what's his defense? Faggot slime is a less offensive word than nigger. Really?! What jacked up reasoning does that come from? In the end, this guy is clearly full of shit. He's not less hateful, just more intelligent about what he says in public. It's sad...

The thing that scares me is that these people pray, and pray a lot. This means they focus their thoughts on specific outcomes. Focused thought increases their power. We all need to focus our thoughts to counter them. We need to bring love, acceptance, freedom to the world through our thoughts. Maybe that's why we don't get farther? Not enough people focusing on their desired outcome. It's easier for them because there tend to be more religious zealots on the "other side" that pray, a natural form of focused thought. And yes, we have people who pray on the left, but what if you aren't religious? There's meditation, but meditation usually involves a clearing of thoughts, not a focus on one particular outcome. Perhaps I should change my evening meditation to that? I can choose one loving thing to focus on as I go to bed. Hopefully my subconscious will continue in that vein as I sleep, increasing the power of my thoughts, and improving the world around me.

Anyone else have any ideas of how to combat all of this hate and fear? I'm open to anything right now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only way I know to combat hate and fear is to practice the opposite - love and trust.

One has to accept that the results are not always obvious and immediate - but there are results! You may become an activist of some sort if that is your calling, but regardless, you have to practice love and trust to add it to the reality of the world.

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