Monday, May 02, 2005


There's something very cleansing and calming about throwing a ball around. In order to throw accurately, you focus on your body mechanics. But only for the moment you are throwing. In between there is good conversation between friends. This is why baseball is america's pastime. It is relatively simple to learn, and can be played with little exertion (catch that is).

We played catch yesterday with the neighbor kid Alexia. He's pretty fun, and definately has energy so he doesn't care if he misses and has to chase down the ball. It's funny, because even though I love playing, I never remember to go out and play unless we sit and watch a league of their own. That movie always makes me want to play, no matter what the weather. It must have been amazing to play professional baseball in a time when women weren't really allowed or encouraged to play sports. It's inspirational. And it's a damn cute movie! :-)

I pray we have kids who are into sports at least a little...otherwise we'll just have to play without them! haha


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