Monday, May 02, 2005

Poems for my wife - 2 December 2004

It's 2 am
and I'm writing
even though I should go to bed
but the thought of sleeping without you
makes staying up the better option.
Without you this house feels empty
the bed too big and cold

a part of my heart is always with you
right now I can feel it
pulled tight by the distance between us
but strong as it has ever been.
How can I sleep so stretched out?
I can't, unless I fake myself out
surround myself with pillows
and thoughts of you
until I almost believe you're here
and finally fall asleep, exhausted.

It's only been a day
but this is my second night without you
It feels like an eternity
saturday can't come soon enough

Amazing that I feel like this
after more than 5 years
I love you even more today
My heart yearns for your return
and I know we'll never truly be separate
We are one
connected by our love
it cannot be destroyed.
I guard it with my whole being
I don't worry about others
they can't compare to us
to the deep bond we share
a bond that will carry us through time
to eternity together.
I can't imagine a greater love
with a greater human being
I give you all of my love
my beautiful wife.
Day 2

the bed is still cold
the house too quiet and empty
it's wierd how your mere presence
makes my existance complete.
When I leave school each day
I feel a rush at knowing
you are home and I'll see you soon
But when you are not here
the rush turns to sadness
remembering for the moment
you are doing what you need to do
and I won't see you until saturday
I know I sound over dramatic
but i feel what i feel
I continue living my life
and no one notices the change
But I feel it
part of me is with you
thus I cannot be completely here
I know I'll learn to manage
in time I'll be more attuned
and feel the distance less
until then I'll do my best
I will live my life
send my love
remember everything I'm feeling
so that once I see you again
I'll appreciate you
love you
enjoy you
as intensely as I feel
so you may never doubt my love.


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