Saturday, February 19, 2005

Life and death

There's been a theme of death lately, though not in that foreboding way.
1. Next week is the 1 year anniversary of my grandfather's death. I didn't even realize it, time has passed so quickly. My grandma asked that anyone who could make it go to brunch, but clearly it's a bit too far from austin to wisconsin.

2. Carrie's dad has been told he won't make it to his birthday, which is either march or may 18th (we can't remember). He has a condition called factor 5 lyden that causes his blood to clot for no reason. He has blood clots all over his body. The spider veins in his stomach are blocked, and some have exploded so he is bleeding into his stomach. On top of that they found cancer in his stomach. I don't think he'll do chemo, because I think that will kill him faster. I expect he'll go suddenly one day from a stroke. We've been expecting this news for quite some time, so now it's just a matter of waiting until he's gone.

3. A guy I went to school with in Wisconsin died wednesday night from complications due to diabetes. He was only 28 (though I thought he was 31 or something...). His death has made a lot of people think, especially a good friend of mine who was his roomate. We haven't talked to her yet, but apparently she's working 18 hours a day to avoid going home. He was feeling sick since monday, but that's common in the winter when everyone has the flu and colds. And she feels if she could have just come home earlier from work she could have saved him. But then he probably would have sat in a diabetic coma for a few days before he died. The other aspect is that recently she called him an asshole, and I'm sure she's feeling bad about that. The thing is, the guy really was an asshole! I think it's interesting how people will all of a sudden refuse to say something bad about a person once their dead. I don't know if it stems from the idea the person is gone so we should feel bad for them or what, but I don't. I've never felt that we should speak differently of someone because they died. If it's truth, it's truth, plain and simple. The person who's dead doesn't care anymore, they are beyond this world. And if you hold something in, or add guilt to yourself for what you did say, all that does is add negativity to you. Definately not a positive thing. But hopefully she'll learn this once she slows down enough to think. In any case, I'm glad he went peacefully. I wonder what his soul set out to accomplish before he entered this world? Clearly he experienced all he needed to, it's just interesting. In any case, enjoy your freedom Eric. If you could, visit amanda while she's sleeping and tell her it's all ok. :-)

To contrast, the life department has been fun the past two days. We went to home depot and bought plants! We now have a window planter with 4 clusters of chives, 2 bunches of cilantro, a dill, rosemary, and now 3 plants of basil. I also finally bought the appropriate soil for my jades and transplanted them. I have 3 larger trees (relatively speaking, they aren't large at all, less than an inch in diameter), 1 slightly smaller tree, and 3 leaves just sprouting a root system to start. I can't wait to see how those all work out! I cut them all back a lot because they had too many leaves to support thanks to my overwatering in the past year. I think they'll do much better now. So yes, it is february and we just planted herbs!!! Only in texas! But it's great. Now I'm going to return to my mini garden and finish my homework problem.


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